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NHS Complaints Advocacy

ESCV delivers the Healthwatch contract in East Sussex and subcontracts The Advocacy People to deliver the NHS Complaints Advocacy Service.

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The NHS Complaints Advocacy Service ensures that independent advocacy skills are used to provide practical support and direction to clients, in order to assist them in finding a resolution to their complaint about health services.

The key role of the NHS Complaints Advocacy Service is the focus on empowering and assisting people to go through the NHS complaints procedure, and to support ESCV in influencing the local and national NHS complaints agenda.

In East Sussex we deliver The Advocacy People to deliver the NHS Complaints Advocacy Service. The Advocacy People can help if you are unhappy with the service you or someone else has received from the NHS.

The Advocacy People are a Hastings based advocacy charity:

  1. Asking people what they think about services.
  2. They support people to express their views and wishes, especially those who are vulnerable, isolated or marginalised.
  3. They empower people to have their voice heard so that they can access their rights and take a central role in decisions that are made about their lives.
  4. They advocate on behalf of our clients to ensure that their views influence the planning, delivery and development of services that affect their lives.
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You can also find more detailed information about making a complaint about Health and Care services over on our Healthwatch East Sussex website here.

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