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ESCV has established a suite of communication and marketing channels to enhance our reach and engage effectively with the public and local communities.

Throughout our work, communication is key. From asking the right questions in the right way to capture someone’s experience, to writing and promoting report recommendations to system leaders, we have the communications skills and experience needed.

As experts in the field, we can help plan, deliver and amplify communication messages to reach and attract the intended audience.

Analysis and evaluation are central to our communication approach, helping to further understand the reach and impact of our work.

ESCV embraces digital and online platforms, alongside traditional methods of communication to ensure recipients can be reached, including press campaigns, interactive websites, e-newsletters, social media, leaflets, posters and media developed for hard-to-reach communities.

We work with easy read, sign language and other communication tools to deliver inclusive engagement.

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How can ESCV help?

The work we do can include the planning, delivery and analysis of marketing and communications approaches.

To contact us about a project or to commission communication activities, please get in touch.

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Throughout the It takes a village to raise a child (VRAC) project ESCV employed various communication approaches to reach a range of audiences.

From working with the young people involved in the project to the educators, system leaders and commissioners, a range of communication approaches were developed.

Throughout the lifetime of the VRAC project, ESCV and the project partners produced various reports, newsletters, social media content and videos to share learning and to support young people and their families to improve their well-being and overcome the barriers they faced in engaging in education.

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If you have a project in mind, or are interested in one of our existing projects – please get in touch.