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Liz Lash


Non-Executive Director


Liz started her career as a teacher and taught children with speech, language and other communication difficulties for 11 years. Next was a five year stint as an employee of East Susses County Council where she finished as a Senior Employment Officer.

She was then the Disability Support Co-ordinator at City College, Brighton and Hove. 15 months as a Vocational Worker for Workability East Sussex followed.

She took up the role of Adult Carers Services Manager at Care for the Carers in September 2006; which came to an end in July 2009 due to an increasing disability-related health issues. While working for Care for the Carers, Liz was involved in the establishment of East Sussex LINk. When her time paid employment had to end, she volunteered at the LINk (including as a member of the Core Group and, later, as a member of the Healthwatch Transition Group until its demise in March 2013.

Liz has been a Trustee/Director at ESDA (East Sussex Disability Association) since 2005.
Liz lives in Polegate with her partner Dave and has many interests; including amateur dramatics nature and quizzes. Currently, she is trying to become fully motivated to write the book she has been talking about it for so long.

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