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As the Youth Inspect & Advise Group, as well as creating resources and guidance for anyone to use (which you can view and download on our Youth Wellbeing Hub), we have carried out three pieces of targeted work in partnership with four schools (two of them through the VRAC Project). Below you can find information about these projects and what we delivered. 


Developing a Whole School Approach 

Our first major School Wellbeing project worked in proud partnership with Seaford Head School (SHS). Our volunteers spent five weeks working with
Seaford Head to carry out the following activities, all themes around key aspectos of The Whole School Approach:
  • Workshops to investigate and advise on the promotion and accessibility of Mental Health services within SHS
  • 5 Youth Voice meetings to provide recommendations on PSHE/RSHE and Tutor Time, Exam Stress, Anti-Bullying,
  •  LGBTQ+ Support and student leadership provisions 
  • School Community Survey for Seaford Head students to share their thoughts on the above topics
We have provided Seaford Head with 5 reports compiling our guidance and findings, as well as the results from the survey, which will allow the school to underpin their future decisions, policies and practices with young people’s ideas and voices. 

I am so proud of our young volunteers for the way that they threw themselves into these tasks and it was so brilliant to see their passion for the topics. A huge thank you to Emmie and Reuben who are part of our youth group and who are also Seaford Head students, they were both able to provide excellent insight both as professional volunteers and as Sixth Form students themselves!"  Edward, East Sussex Community Voice 

Inspiring Student Leaders to Prevent Bullying 

    Our second School Wellbeing project followed swiftly, in an exciting partnership with The Hastings Academy. We spent four weeks       working with Hastings, with a particular focus on bullying prevention using Student Leaders/Ambassadors.
discussed and explored:
  • Prevalence of bullying, trends in bullying, and how variations inn bullying occur as young people progress through their school careers (such as a rise in cyber bullying and sexual harassment)
  •  Investigation of The Hastings Academy’s online provisions around bullying prevention
  • Guide to Policy-Making for Bullying Prevention 
  • The development, roles & responsibilities and reward & recognition for Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in The Hastings Academy  
We have provided The Hastings Academy with a report which collates our guidance for the academy going forward. We look forward to hearing how they get on, and we are excited to see how the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors develop – you can follow along too and see what they’re up to, using this link https://www.thehastingsacademy.org.uk/school-life/preventing-bullying

We would also like to say a huge thank you to our young volunteers who led on this work; MennaIndya, Elsa, Hayden, Abbie and Jonny. Thank you for all of your guidance and recommendations! 

Designing Wellbeing Services for Children and Families 

Our third School Wellbeing Project worked in partnership with another project delivered by East Sussex Community Voice – It Takes a Village to Rai
se a Child (VRAC). 

A European project, VRAC tackles early school leaving, exclusions and poor wellbeing for vulnerable children and families, working inHailsham and the Havens.

More information about VRAC can be found

A key aim of the VRAC project is to create Frontline Wellbeing Teams which will provide support for pupils & their families within Hailsham Community College and Seahaven Academy. Our young volunteers were approached by VRAC to input into the planning stages of these teams, leading on:
  • Promotion and Accessibility of the service
  • Trust and Confidence – helping vulnerable children and families to trust the service 
  • Supporting young people throughout referrals 
  • Parent/Carer involvement
We have since provided two reports to the VRAC staff team in order to incorporate our volunteers’ feedback into this service, and ourvolunteerswere happy & excited to support a project which, like ours, is motivated by socially innovative engagement.
VRAC also provided a chance for the IAG Project Leader and three IAG young volunteers to receive training in the Empowerment Approach, commissioned by VRAC and delivered by Changing Chances CIC. 

This was a great opportunity for IAG to learn more about educational psychology, neuroscience, coaching and meeting best practice when working with other young people. 

“The training was so good and informative, I absolutely loved it” – IAG Young Volunteer

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