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VRAC Wellbeing Coordinator


We are looking for a Wellbeing Coordinator for our It Takes a Village to Raise a Child (VRAC) project

More details about the role, including the full job description, person specification and application can be found below.
Job Title It takes a Village to Raise A Child (VRAC) –
Wellbeing Coordinator
Responsible To
VRAC Project Manager
Conditions of Service
Length of contract
Starting salary £25,000 pa (pro rata)
Actual salary £20,000 pa
28 hours per week
Flexible working pattern  
Job share can be discussed
6 months – with a possible 12-month extension to be hosted by a VRAC partner organisation.
Location The VRAC pilot areas are Hailsham and Newhaven

Closing date - 12:00, Friday 26th February 2021
Job Purpose

The main purpose of this role is to coordinate the development and piloting of new pathways in support of young people at risk of exclusion.
You will engage with young people, their families, and VRAC pilot schools to carry out this role with the support of a network of partners (Wellbeing Team). You will be the catalyst to providing joined up support, information and opportunities that can make a difference to a young person’s ability to engage well in their education, to enjoy their community and to reach their full potential.
As coordinator you will be empowered to innovate and work in a creative way, to advocate for vulnerable young people, potentially challenging existing rigid systems and barriers.
You will work with local organisations and professionals to ensure that the most relevant support and best opportunities are available to young people, participating in the VRAC project.

The role will:
  • work with the Wellbeing Team to create a joined-up response, with a shared vision and common goals
  • coordinate support from the Wellbeing Team and project partners to work together in tackling problems collectively
  • act as liaison between the young people, their families, partner schools and the Wellbeing Team, to ensure seamless delivery and transparent sharing of information
  • collect data, monitor and evaluate the progress of young people and families against VRAC pilot deliverables
  • promote positive engagement in the VRAC project
  • positively promote wellbeing and good mental health
  • apply themselves and think creatively to find solutions to problems and overcome challenges just as much as they love working directly with young people and families
Job Description and Person Specification

Application Form


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