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Youth Voice and Participation Services


East Sussex Community Voice delivers a variety of youth voice, outreach and participation initiatives across the county.

Using our experience of practicing youth participation, our passion for youth volunteering and our knowledge of young people’s issues, we plan, deliver and manage youth participation projects and young volunteering programmes across East Sussex.

We work across a variety of children and young people’s issues and topics, with current focuses including education, health, care, wellbeing, public spaces and policy. We create opportunities for young people to drive forward change, connecting young people with decision-makers and system leaders who can implement youth-backed recommendations which support the creation of thriving youth communities in East Sussex.

We work with young people to create exciting opportunities and lasting legacies which encourage all young people to develop, learn, share their voices, shape local services, and to design and receive better support for their needs.
Youth-Centred Approach to Community Voice
East Sussex Community Voice are committed to:
  • Championing young people’s ideas, perspectives and lived experiences
  • Using community outreach methods to meet young people where they are
  • Young people leading at every stage, and supporting young people to develop their leadership, research and facilitation skills
  • Applying a child- and youth-centred approach to youth voice which puts young people at the heart of community engagement
Socially-Innovative Participation Methods
We use traditional youth work approaches, combined with digital engagement, online opportunities and hybrid youth groups to create inclusive and accessible opportunities for young people. We use creative and visual exercises to make for engaging and interesting opportunities.
We follow the National Youth Agency (NYA) Youth Work Curriculum (2020) and our staff ensure that young people are provided with a safe and supportive environment where they can have fun, make new friends, gain skills and work experience, and develop their broader sense of citizenship, social responsibility and social action.
Emphasising Youth Leadership
We believe in, and value, coproduction. We work with young people, designing projects, services and campaigns with young people to help amplify youth voice.

We run youth groups, events, community outreach programmes and youth research.

We believe that youth voice is most authentic, listened to, and actioned when young people’s projects are led by young people.

We value youth leadership, and create opportunities for young people to develop their leadership skills and to steer, facilitate and represent our projects.

When young people lead, sessions are engaging and creative, designed with a youth audience in mind. Our communications and marketing is friendly and suitable for young readers, and young people’s voices are embedded across everything we do as an organisation. We’re proud to support young people to lead.
2021-2022 Impact Report
To find out more about our current workstreams, you can access our Youth Impact Report for 2021-2022 here:

ESCV - Children and Young People - Youth Voice and PARTICIPATION Impact REPORT 2021-22

To enquire more about youth voice and participation, or to discuss a project, please email the office via info@escv.org.uk with FAO Youth Voice and Participation in the subject line or contact Ed Peasgood on ed.peasgood@escv.org.uk
Thank you to our 2021 Youth Voice and Participation project funders:


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