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VCSE Alliance Activities and Events

East Sussex VCSE Alliance Activities and Events

Find out more about what the East Sussex Voluntary Community Social Enterprise (VCSE) Alliance has been up to.

East Sussex VCSE Alliance Annual Conference 2023 

On Wednesday the 8th November, the East Sussex VCSE Alliance held their 2023 Annual Conference at The View Hotel in Eastbourne.

The conference built on the Alliance’s principle of generous leadership; exploring how we can reach out to smaller grassroot organisations and work together across the sector.

The discussions and learning that took place were informed by the thoughts and everyday experiences of those involved as professionals, volunteers, service users and leaders from the statutory sector.

The event was an opportunity to listen, discuss and plan how the voluntary sector can work together to speak as one voice, to better collaborate, represent and influence.

Attendees included members of the public, representatives from voluntary and community groups, NHS Sussex, county council and district councils.

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East Sussex Commissioning Workshop Report December 2022

Following on from the successful Commissioning workshop run in partnership between East Sussex VCSE Alliance members and statutory commissioners, a second commissioning workshop was held in November 2022.

It focused on Service Monitoring – how to achieve a more proportionate and co-productive approach.

Workshop objectives

  • To consider how the Council, NHS partners and VCSE sector can best work together to improve service monitoring
  • To develop a shared view of the main barriers and priorities for action
  • To share ideas about a Commissioning Academy and agree possible ways forward in developing a suitable model

 Key messages

  • Develop a better shared understanding of each other’s perspectives from more sustained working together
  • The need for working towards a shared culture
  • The need to develop more consistency of approach, based on different levels of requirement depending on risk and size of contract

The overriding consensus was the need for more joint work, making use of the agreed VCSE Alliance Commissioning Principles.

A Commissioning Academy for East Sussex- what might it look like, how do we begin to develop it?

  • A joint approach to developing a Commissioning Academy was agreed, with a Steering Group established to manage this programme of work in 2023 

You can read the full report from the 2nd East Sussex Commissioning Workshop by clicking the link below.

VCSE Alliance Development Plan 2021-24

Members of the Alliance have collaborated to co-design a Development Plan to guide their activity over the next three years.

This summarises:

Context: The current landscape in East Sussex

  • Facts about the Alliance
  • Priorities for development
  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • Communication
  • Leading and supporting
  • Future development

Please see a copy of the development plan headlines via the link below:

East Sussex VCSE Alliance Conference 2022

Voluntary and community groups, as well as statutory partners, from across East Sussex were invited to the East Sussex VCSE Alliance conference, ‘Maps and Dreams, Preparing for Tomorrow’ in April 2022. 

The conference looked at how we can build a more resilient voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in East Sussex.

It was an opportunity for participants to listen, discuss and plan how to achieve this, focusing in particular on three themes: Improving mental health and well-being; tackling equality, diversity and inclusion; combatting social isolation and loneliness. 

Further details can be found in the report and supporting appendix by clicking the links below. 

Posters for activities and events taking place at the Alliance annual conference.

East Sussex Commissioning Workshop Report July 2022

East Sussex VCSE Alliance members and statutory commissioners met to discuss how commissioning can work more effectively and collaboratively with the VCSE, using the example of tackling health inequality. This followed publication of the VCSE Alliance ‘position paper’ on the Future of VCSE Commissioning.

Workshop objectives

  • Consider how the Council, NHS and VCSE can work together to address population health inequalities.
  • Develop a shared view of barriers and priorities for action.
  • Agree priorities for change and taking findings forward.

Key messages

  • A shared approach to leadership required, with agreed commissioning principles, acknowledging complexity of partnerships.
  • Sharing and developing skills through creating a ‘Commissioning Academy’?
  • VCSE expertise is underused – better understanding needed of achievements and pressures faced by both commissioners and VCSE leaders.
  • Plans for a second workshop later in 2022. 

You can read the full report from the July East Sussex commissioning workshop by clicking the link below.