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Using Social Media

Using Social Media and Wellbeing 

This report is an interactive resource to aid and guide a youth-led discussion in the classroom about the role of social media, and it’s positives and negatives.  

“In my opinion, the best thing about this resource is that it enables students to explore in-depth both the benefits and risks of social media, and guides them to consolidate everything they have learned so as to come up with their own opinion about the topics. As the resource points out- social media is complicated, and not only does this teaching plan allow the time for students to fully explore a wide breadth of how social media affects their lives, but even recognises that this can serve as a lesson for teachers too! The resource has been designed so that students are able to run parts of the session, as our IAG volunteers felt this is one of the most effective ways to connect with the participants of the workshop. This also allows for teachers to take notes throughout the session on what their students are saying, to then inform Internal conversations within the school about social media and wellbeing such as training & CPD.

There is a wide range of tasks in the booklet, allowing participating or facilitating teachers and students to complete the activities they feel would work best for them. Personally, I feel the tasks build really well off of each other and would recommend completing all of the activities in the order they are placed within the booklet for the class to develop a profound analysis of social media in their lives. But if there are time restraints, this resource also gives the flexibility for the teacher/student facilitator(s) to pick which tasks they want to complete throughout their session.

Overall, this booklet is designed to explore a wide array of views around social media, putting emphasis on teachers and students sharing their ideas in a respectful/mature manner leading to a highly productive session for all age groups. I would strongly recommend using this resource for your PSHE and even teacher training sessions to develop a thorough understanding of your setting’s attitudes and ideas about social media’s impact on our lives, that can even inform future work within your schools. - 
Hayden, IAG Lead Member (15) 

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Social Media and Wellbeing Workshop

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