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The Youth Wellbeing Hub

To collate the reccomendations, advice and guidance that our young volunteers shared throughout the Youth Inspect & Advise Group, we have created the ‘Youth Wellbeing Hub’, as a series of different reports, infographics and documents which summarise young people’s positions and views on key topics within mental health.
The Youth Wellbeing Hub collates young people’s thoughts on Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing (MHEW), including:


Who can use the Wellbeing Hub?
Anyone that works with young people! Our reccomendations often focus on schools and colleges, but there are also themes that can be applied to wider youth settings, and professionals from a variety of sectors, including youth & community, children’s social care and health.
These reports are great for ensuring that the voices of children and youth are at the heart of everything we do as professionals, including through:
  • Evaluating progress and continuous monitoring
  • Ensuring best practice is met
  • Meeting and setting goals
  • Using CYP voice to back-up new initiatives and projects
  • Literature reviews and pre-reading

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