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Mental Health Curriculum

Mental Health Curriculum (Teaching and Learning)
This report provides teaching and learning tips around mental health & wellbeing, put together based on the advice and  recommendations of our 14 young volunteers at the IAG. Among other things, this report covers PSHE, Life-learning and
how to incorporate mental health into the curriculum. 

“Within this report is lots of advice from our young people on a range of topics, including what to focus on when teaching issues around consent, as well as lots of advice on how to help individual student’s wellbeing, including how to handle exam stress, self-care, coping mechanisms, trigger warnings, supporting neurodiversity, and more. We have also included advice on how best to run in-school support for mental health and mentoring sessions, such as advice on allowing sufficient time slots for students to discuss any issues they may be having, as well as our young people’s tips on privacy and confidentiality.” - Hayden, IAG Lead Member (15)

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Teaching and Learning – Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing (MHEW) Curriculum 


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