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Mental Health Awareness

Spreading Mental Health Awareness

This report is about embedding mental health into the culture of your education and youth setting, put together from young peoplewho’ve observed a variety of initiatives within their own settings and noted ways to meet best practice when spreading awareness and destigmatising children and young people’s mental health & emotional wellbeing (MHEW).

“By using this report and applying the practical tips, your school will be gaining invaluable insight into what gaps young people feel are in your mental health curriculum and how to address them through fundraising, teaching and support services. Considering your surrounding school culture will help you paint a more complete picture and provide improved, holistic support for the complexity of mental health.

I believe this is what makes the report unique - by identifying and addressing gaps teachers may not otherwise be aware of, it will help build bridges between teachers and students, creating a positive school culture in which young people feel understood and equipped with the knowledge and support they need to cope with their mental health challenges.” -Elsa, IAG Lead Member (18) 

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Fundraising and Awareness – Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing (MHEW)

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The Able Group: Spreading Awareness on Neurodiversity

East Sussex Community Voice hosted The Able Group from 2019-2020, which significantly raised the platform of children and young adults who are neurodivergent, and ensured that they were included in conversations about young people with additional needs and disabilities. To find out more about TAG, see our portfolio here.  

Young Healthwatch: Spreading Awareness with Communications

 Young Healthwatch East Sussex coproduces communications and marketing materials that spread awareness on key topics highlighted as     important to young people, within the health and social care context.

 We believe in spreading awareness with young people not for young people, and place great value on coproduction.
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