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Our Year-7 Transition Recommendations

The Youth IAG is a youth voice group within ESCV that meets regularly with a team of young volunteers to carry out issue-based campaigns with a key focus on emotional wellbeing. We have 15 young volunteers from a wide range of East Sussex schools & Colleges.   
The groups objectives are:

  • To capture young people’s lived experience and recommendations about East Sussex schooling in the Mental Health Context and the Whole School Approach, with a specific focus on the culture of education and how that impacts pupil wellbeing

  • Influence and enact youth-established change to local schools/colleges & services

  • To deliver campaigns and activities which will keep the conversation going about young people’s Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing (MHEW), and which will inspire practitioners and local professionals to engage more with young people to capture their voices

Although transition from primary school to secondary school wasn’t part of the remit of the group’s current campaigns we did find that we had a wealth of insight and recommendations emerging from the mental health in schools work that related to transition. We didn’t want to lose this insight and important youth voice, so we decided to create an extra report to share our finding. Here it is 

Young People’s Guidance for East Sussex Schools

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